Seamless tiles can be an efficent means of filling up your page graphicly with low file sizes. A great benefit exist with them in the fact that images and text all get layered over the top of the background. For the example I would like to give we will see how to make a seamless tile in photoshop.

Click on the arrow to see how to create a tile.

** Last minute warning ** I would also like to warn you that seamless tiles can be a great disaster to your site as well. Be careful that you have a good deal in contrast of value between your text and your background tiles, so that your writing can read. Also dithering noise in tiles with contrast can disrupt text on a broader range of value as opposed to flat color. Be selective of what colors and values you choose to place as a background tile. For further help on dealing with this issue, please refer to Coloring Web Graphics.

I hope this is of help to you.

- Bruce Heavin

Last Updated:02.28.97
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