On the web we have a problem when it comes to using color. Most find it difficult to work with color and others find it more difficult to work with a limited color set. On the web we have a limited color obstacle to go around, only working with 216 colors. If we choose the wrong colors, our images may shift in color or dither severely on a flat color. This lack of control leaves designers upset. Understanding this principal can be of great benefit for any designer or web hobbist.

Here is the browsersafe clut I originaly made for Lynda Weinman's early in 1995. Download it so that you may be able to use it with photoshop or any other image editing program that can read the clut. If you wish to find more information on computer color, I recremend a book I wrote with Lynda Weinman called Coloring Web Graphics. This book is filled with hundreds of organized palettes for everyday web designers so that they can take control of their color selection process. You can buy this book off my site at my bookstore. The book also serves as a refrence of color for the web and provides examples of hundreds of good color combinations already chosen out for you.

TIP #1

Creating a browser safe color picker

Your browser-safe clut can be loaded into your swatches palette. From the upper right hand of your swatches palette you can click on the triangle and get an option to load swatches. Load the browser-safe clut into the swatch palette. Now you are able to use the swatches as a color picker for your web artwork. Clut files can be loaded just like swatch files. The colors can now be used with all tools.

TIP #2

Do not work in thousands of colors!

There is a problem in working with browser-safe colors while your computer is displaying thousands of colors to the monitor in the fact that your colors will no longer be browser-safe when you're done. To correct this, simply work in 256 colors or millions of colors. This will prevent the accidental shift of color and save yer job!

TIP #3

Buy Coloring Web Graphics!

This is a book I wrote for myself to make life easier when it comes to dealing with images and color on the web. Written by my wife (Lynda Weinman) and myself, we strived for months to make the job of the designer a bit easier by taking most of the hard work out of dealing with color and picking good color combinations. Intelegent color picking palettes, and software resources were created and placed onto the CD rom that comes with the book. This book will make you look good, and your site as well. You can order this book here. or from my bookstore here on my site.

Last Updated:02.28.97
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