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   Through an affiliation with Amazon Books, I can now sell copies of my books and other seleted titles directly from this Web site. Special thanks to Jeff Bezos, President of Amazon Books, for his vision in providing this useful service. Oh yeah, and if you care, I get a percentage of these book sales through Amazon, but only if you order them from my site. If you are interested in selling any or all of my books (or any other book for that matter) from your site, contact Amazon Books about their Associates Program. Feel free to "steal" any of my book cover graphics, or descriptions while you're at it!

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<designing web graphics>

   <designing web graphics> Nationwide bestselling author Lynda Weinman updates in a big way and attempts to leave no stone unturned. This is the book that every web designer needs to have at their side as part of their web design arsenal. Designing Web Graphics.2 is a full-color step-by-step guide will teach you successful methods for designing graphics for Web delivery. It's written in a conversational, user-friendly style without fluff or hype. For more information, visit the <designing web graphics> area on Lynda's site.

   Order <designing web graphics> now, for the discounted price of $45.00.


<coloring web graphics>

   A book I wrote with my beautiful wife Lynda. <coloring web graphics> helps artists, programmers and hobbyists understand how to work with color and image file formats for web delivery. A color palette of 216 browser-safe colors is identified and organized to help we designers confidently select successful cross-platform color choices and combinations. The CD-ROM includes hundreds of suggested color combinations, Photoshop swatch palettes, and browser-safe clip art files. For more information, visit the <coloring web graphics> area on this site.

   Order <coloring web graphics> now, for the discounted price of $45.00.


<deconstructing web graphics>

<deconstructing web graphics> teaches you how to study Web design through analyzing and reverse-engineering how others create successful Web sites. The book includes case studies and profiles of designers and programmers, by touring you through their sites, artwork and code, and supplying tutorials to help you apply their knowledge to your Web site design skills. For more information, visit the <deconstructing web graphics> area on this site.

   You can Order this book now <deconstructing web graphics>, for the discounted price of $40.50.


Digital Character Animation

   Digital Character Animation, written by George Maestri, covers the essential information computer animators need to generate believable characters in 2D and 3D on the computer. The book covers the nuance and technique of character animation in great detail. CD contains Quicktime and AVI examples of multiple walk cycles, lip sync examples, and other techniques from the book; 3D models; texture maps; and software demos of programs that provide animation capabilities. It's platform and software agnostic - and will be a classic book in your computer graphics library which will not date quickly. Plus -it's georgeous and well written!

   Order Digital Character Animation now, for the discounted price of $49.50 -- You Save: $5.50(10%).


GIF Animation Studio: Animating Your Web Site

   GIF Animation Studio: Animating Your Web Site Step-by-step guide to creating GIF animation for the Web. Shows how to use GIF editing programs (included on CD-ROM), details work done by leading designers, includes GIF animation gallery. Advanced animation techniques for Photoshop and Kai's Power Tools. Discusses technical aspects of animation and Web design.

   Order GIF Animation Studio: Animating Your Web Site now, for the discounted price of $35.96


Elements of Web Design

   Elements of Web Design , by Darci DiNucci, introduces traditional designers to the opportunities and pitfalls of Web design. Assuming readers understand traditional design issues but not the specific demands of the Web, this book includes chapters on every step of assembling pages - from pulling together a team with the appropriate skills, to choosing the right design formats, to creating contracts with clients to reflect the ever-changing nature of Web pages.

The work and wisdom of successful pioneers of Web design is highlighted throughout the book. Topics covered include creating an interface, the uses and limits of HTML, alternate formats such as Acrobat and SGML, formatting and preparing graphics, sound quality, animation, interactivity, and keeping a Web site fresh.

   Order Elements of Web Design, for the discounted price of $35.96


The CGI Book

   The CGI Book, by Bill Weinman, is the first -- and most complete -- book on CGI programming for the World Wide Web. It is written in a clear and easy-to-read style with examples of complete working CGI programs in C, Perl, and Borne Shell.

   Order The CGI Book now, for the discounted price of $40.50.


web concept & design

   web concept & design, by Crystal Waters discusses site planning, how to evaluate your audience, basics of page design, incorporating graphics, human-computer interface guidelines, storyboarding a site, etc. etc. etc. Approx. 300 pp., 4-color.

   Order web concept & design now, for the discounted price of $40.50.

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